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My passion by the art is something that I carry on me since I was a child. I began drawing with pencil and later doing oil painting. Already being older I began to show a big interest in the world of beauty, fashion, cinema... But was not until I finished my University studies, when I decided to give the step to study for being a make-up artist. I studied at Keltia make-up school, Madrid. I was lucky when I met Marta and María, my teachers, big professionals and amazing persons. From the beginning I always have been learning different techniques related to make-up, because it is something that I really enjoy and that surprises me every day...... that is because is a world that is always changing. When I make up a person I enjoy seeing the transformation. I enjoy seeing happy people with his new look. I expect that you like my job and that you enjoy my web... Thanks to my husband, family and friends for following me on this path, support me and give me always your feedback. xoxo.


Goya 2012

  • Goya 2012, con Lorena Morlote.

Colaboración La Sexta noticias

  • Colaboración en el reportaje "Yo Quiero un Día Así" para la Sexta Noticias.

Premios Shangay 2012.

  • Photocall Premios Shangay 2012.

Exclusiva revista HOLA Diciembre 2012.

  • Antonio David Flores y Olga Moreno.

Editorial Portafolio Magazine.

  • Chicago (EEUU) Febrero 2013.


  • Para la diseñadora Leyre Valiente.

Hair Styling, Leonor Waitling para Rolling Stone.

  • Fiesta de la revista Rolling Stone, Julio 2013.

Pasarela Santillana Novias 2013.

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